Last weeks TOTD downward dog split

You can start in downward dog or from standing. From downward dog inhale and lift the right leg up and exhale bringing the right foot in between your hands. From standing, on your next exhale step the right foot forward. With the right foot in front of you bend that knee resting the left knee on the mat. Ensure the right knee is at a 90 degree bend and not too far over the toes.

Inhale lift the arms up to the sky and as you exhale melt the left hip down to the mat. You should feel a lovely stretch here. Play with spacial movement here, perhaps on your next inhale look up between the hands or for a lovely back bend, tilt the upper body backwards slightly. Exhale and see how far you can melt the left hip into the mat. Did you notice any difference?

Let me know how you got on with your lunge pose