Haven't got time to practice yoga today? Why not try these simple poses as soon as you wake from bed, no mat needed. 

A long groan, a stretch, the ear flap and to finish, a back scratch on the carpet. Cue Harry, my 4 year old Jack Russell. This is how he starts his mornings around 5-6 am, then pounces on to the bed for snuggles. Each morning Harry completes this practice. 

Ok, so Harry doesn't have a care in the world like you or I would, and I am the first to admit that I don't commit to a morning practice. But some days we don't have time to roll out our mat to do even a 10 minute practice,  especially when work takes on such a big part of our lives and sometimes, it's the one thing that takes priority over anything else. 

 Click here to download a PDF version so you can print off and keep by your bedside.

All you need is a couple of minutes in the morning as soon as you wake, before you check your phone or your emails. So indulge yourself in these 5 minutes of clutter-free moments.

1. Start your morning feeling Zen; this will set the mood for the day and enhance a calm and focused mind; Stretch for 30 seconds, breathing in and out.

2. Bring your right then left leg into chest holding for 3 breaths.

3. Bring both knees in to chest, rocking side to side 4 times

4. Supine twists left and right side, holding for 3 breaths each side

5. Wake up feeling energized; skip the coffee, get your energy naturally, from the feel good endorphins; Mini bridge, lifting chest up so that upper body is inched from the bed, holding for 3 breaths

6. Side bow 3 breaths each side

7. Enhance productivity; Do more, be successful, feel happier and well...productive! Sitting up and legs out to the side, stretch over both legs, holding for 3 breaths on each side

8. Seated hip opener, stack knees on top of each other, right knee on top and feet either side of body, reach over knees and hold for 3 breaths. Change legs over, left knee stacked on top and hold for a further 3 breaths.

9. Hip stretch, leaving one leg on the bed and the other foot placed on the floor with aslight bend in the knee hold for 3 breaths each side

10. Create a healthy lifestyle; correct your posture, relieves aches and balance hormones aiding sleep and anxiety; Runner's stretch, reaching over the leg that is on the bed and hold for 3 breaths

11. Stand up and stretch over to the left and right, holding for 3 breaths each side and repeat the below out loud a couple of times...


Let me know if you gave this a go in the comments below. Enjoy your morning and have an amazing day!