We have all been there, when that one person who is new to your class gracefully enters a pose, whether that be warrior or some funky inversion and you struggle to even master tree pose after several classes. Fear not, here are 5 reasons why it is better to understand yoga philosophy and continue to practice getting into a pose, rather than being naturally talented and effortlessly entering a pose.

Accept the challenge

Not many people believe that yoga can be challenging. I have had a couple of people remark that they had tried yoga in the past but it sent them to sleep! Yes! Yoga can be challenging even if it is simply balancing in tree pose or getting stable and comfortable in warrior 2. Everyone has that one pose that makes them feel wobbly, sweaty or scared. Often these are the poses that we need to practice more of. Accept the challenge, practice daily and a good TIP is to try and record yourself doing it. It may sound silly, but often at home we don't have a big mirror to help us align ourselves. Recording yourself or even asking someone to take a look at what you are doing may help align you better and ensure you are not just doing the pose wrong.

Avoid risk of injury

Not many people know this, but people who seem naturally flexible are more often that not hyper flexible or joint hyper mobility. People who are hyper flexible are not aware of the ligaments holding the muscles which attach to the bone, which  in other people can limit space of movement in a pose. This could result in a joint being dislocated or muscles can rupture and become damaged, especially when repeated daily or weekly. A good yoga teacher should be able to identify pretty quickly whether any students have joint hyper mobility and adapt any poses for them to get the most out of it.

Yoga is for everybody

There seems to be a big trend at the moment where talented dancers or gymnasts at Olympic level are making their next move into the yoga world with there being some cross over for flexibility and strength. However, be mindful that you really don't need to come from these sorts of backgrounds to do yoga. In fact for all those people who have office jobs, or those who are constantly on the move have more a need to seek out yoga. Apart from relieving stress, yoga has many other benefits, which you can find here.

Get the most out of the pose

Once you realise where you may have been going wrong in your pose and start to align yourself better, this is when you can get the most from it. And by practising daily this will help you to master the pose, but don't worry how long it takes to get there. Often a yoga teacher will align you in class, remember how that felt when they altered you slightly - perhaps you felt more of a stretch in the side of the body, or you were able to forward fold deeper. And remember to breathe in the pose. It sounds silly, but it really does help - make sure your exhale is longer as you get deeper in to your pose.

Learn and grow 

Yoga isn't just about getting into a pose. It can extend into other areas of life, aiding confidence or finding balance in difficult situations such as panic attacks or a stressful situation. We understand the significance of the breath  and how to use it not just in yoga class. Sometimes you may even feel such as difference in yourself you may want to find out more about yoga and perhaps start reading into it or doing a teacher training. Ultimately, yoga can change your life and help you to grow into a different person for the better, allowing you to reach for goals or dreams you would never have thought to do before.