Start in tadasana (mountain pose) with weight evenly spread in the balls and heels of both feet and your arms resting by the side of your body. Roll the shoulders back and let them find a comfortable posture where your shoulders are not hunched to the ears, but relaxed and soft. In traditional mountain pose, the palms face the front – try experimenting with both; palms turned inwards facing the body and facing outwards in front. When palms are facing forwards you should get a sense of allowing energy to flow through the palms to aid strength in tadasana, especially when combined with the feet solid and rooted into the mat. You should be feeling quite strong and stable here. If you wish you can close your eyes (it makes it a little harder, but it’s great to experiment!) or you can focus your gaze on a stationary object out in front. Inhale here, lift the chin up slightly so that is it parallel to the mat and feel the sine elongate and as you exhale feel the whole body soften. Try breathing here a couple of times and notice how different your body feels; are you getting a sense of strength, support, confidence, empowerment or perhaps something different?

Shift weight into the right foot and slowly peel the left foot off the mat, first the heel then the toes until you are on the tips of the toes. If you’re feeling wobbly here hold on to a wall or a chair. Start to place the left foot on the inside of the right leg, either on the calf or on the right thigh. Don’t worry too much if you can’t move your foot higher at this stage. Allow the left knee to point out to the side and as you do, feel the left hip shift back slightly. There should be a lovely stretch in the inside of the left groin. You can place your hands at heart centre, or use one had to hold onto a chair and the other to hold the left foot. Inhale here feeling the spine elongate, reaching taller and growing your tree and at the same time keep the right knee soft (don’t interlock) perhaps feeling a slight lift from the knee. Keep your gaze focused on an object out in front or keep the eyes closed. Exhale feel the body relax. Again start to notice how different your body feels; a sense of growth, confidence, empowerment or something different? Stay here for a couple of breaths before releasing the left foot back to the mat and repeat the same sequence, shifting the weight to the left foot and bringing the right foot up.

Let me know how you got on!