Let my start by saying that this is so much more than your typical journal. At first I was reluctant to purchase this journal (your masterplan for a beautifully concious life) RRP £34.95 purely because I was put off by the price and I started looking for other alternatives to record my yoga practice and poses I wanted to work on. But I always came back to this journal and after hovering around the pay button for a good 30 minutes I went for it!

The big question: is this journal worth the money? Well, it’s so much more than a space to record your yoga practice, it gives your life purpose, to get the most out of each day and keep life organised. Remember I mentioned that I was NEVER a morning person, well now I am and I actually enjoy it! Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke is the author of the journal, who is also a renowned speaker and energy guide to help people the get the most out of life.  This journal is filled with hints and tips that helps to align your thoughts and your habits, or as Lyndelle likes to say ‘update’ behaviours/thoughts until it becomes part of your character.

To my knowledge there is no other journal like this. It does require some time in the morning and evening to record your day and the pages are set up for you to answer questions to reflect on your day. Each week there is a weekly check in page to record the goals achieved that month and identify areas of your life that could be improved to make you a better person in life, in your job or in your yoga practice. This page also focuses on the week ahead. There is a section to write down the goals you wish to focus on that week and a separate entry to record any planned appointments and actions for yoga practice, with a target date. I find writing down my goals and target dates help me to reach those goals or tasks in time whilst keeping life organised. TIP: I suggest filling this in on a day or an evening when you know you won’t be too busy. For some people that might be over the weekend a Sunday perhaps to really help you focus on the week ahead.

I have been using this journal for a month now and I love it. It really has helped me grow as a person, it gives my day intentions, helps me be creative and I have been spilling out with so many ideas recently, all about how I want my little yoga business to grow. I feel more balanced and at the same time more willing to chase my dreams.

There are many other Daily Greatness Journals available; one for getting the most out of your business, one for getting fit and healthy and one for consciously creating your days. All are beautifully designed and each should help reach what you want in life (warning, may appear to be larger than as seen in the photos! 24.5 h x 18.5 w). They really are worth the money and the hype, especially if you are feeling in a rut and not sure what you want in life. We are all responsible for our own prospects and opportunities, why waste precious time feeling unhappy or lost when you can do something about it. A good friend noticed my productivity has sky rocketed, any one is capable of being a superwoman, you’ve just got to realise the changes to be made and change them!

Take a look at their website for more information or to browse over the beautiful designs. Once you purchase a journal they offer a Refer a Friend Program where a special friend gets 5% off their first journal and equally you will get a 15% referral reward.