Welcome! My name is Rhian (AKA Rhi). Yoga has shaped who I am today, not just physically but through mind health too.  Being quite an active person, I first thought of yoga as a stationary exercise with very little movement and little challenges. How wrong I was! After all, the pose begins when you want to leave it. 

''The pose begins when you want to leave it''...B.K.S. Iyengar


All the things I have learned through yoga, I wish to share with my Students' so that they also feel the benefits.  In the last 5 years I have experienced a whole host of benefits yoga can provide such as reducing aches and pain, improving flexibility, toning muscles, realigning posture and helping with sleep and anxiety.  Above all, yoga has taught me to listen to my body and maintain a healthy body and mind set. Equally, I believe that diet and yoga go hand-in-hand. Nourishing my body through diet has helped tremendously to increase my energy levels and controlling my cystic acne. Look out for my recipes on my blog or in class, I am happy to print some copies and share them with you. 

''Move how you feel''...Tara Stiles


I am currently a trainee yoga teacher with Yoga London and working towards my 200 hours with RYT alliance.  I provide vinyasa styles of yoga, encouraging movement throughout the body with the breath. My classes are a mix of slower paced yoga to faster paced dynamic vinyasa. I truly believe that yoga offers a deeper insight to how our bodies feel, which can vary day to day and between students. For this reason I encourage all my students to move how they feel comfortable and to actively listen to their bodies. 

''Yoga with  Rhi will provide...''

... a calming space to focus the mind on the body and its movements, inspire students, create a happier lifestyle free from aches and pain and find a moment to allow the body to completely relax. 

How to contact me

 Please send any questions or information to my email theyogiglow@gmail.com


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